Add A Manta Sighting to the App
Adding a Manta Sighting to the App means that you went on an "Excursion" underwater. During that Excursion, you may have seen 1 or more individual mantas.

First you will want to have entered your First and Last Name and your email address on the User Settings page. Then tap the "Add A Sighting" button from the main page, and then tap the "+" button in the upper right to create a new Excursion.

There are a couple of "required" pieces of information needed to submit a sighting, and the rest are optional. The Start and End Date/Time are Required. The date and time of the excursion should be approximately the entire time that you were in the water looking around. If you were in and out of the water multiple times, you should probably enter multiple excursions. But there are no absolutes. Once you create an Excursion in the App, the Excursion itself and the information about it you enter will stay in the App until you explicitly delete it. You don't have to worry about losing any information if you stop and restart the App. So you can start entering the information for all your Excursions anytime, with or without an internet connection, and then "Submit" them later on when you're ready.
Enter the Manta Sighting Location
The 2 traditional manta night dive locations are builtin to the App - Garden Eel Cove and outside Keauhou Bay. Just tap either one to select them. To add your own new Location, tap the Edit button in the upper left, and then the "+" button in the upper right. A template for a new location will be added to the bottom of the list. Tap on it to be able to modify the details of the location.
Use GPS or a Map to save the sighting location
The other required piece of information for a sighting is the GPS location. There are 3 ways that you can enter the GPS coordinates of your sighting:

1) Use the GPS built into your iOS device
2) Manually enter the coordinates from another source
3) Place the red crosshairs over the point on the map where you were

Give the location a "name" and then hit "Save".